our process as cabinetmakers

At Bucks County Craftmasters, everything we do is custom, down to every last detail and fraction of an inch. Our custom cabinet designs fit not only your home but the function of the space as well. From the first call to discuss your initial idea to final installation and follow-up, our experienced cabinetmakers are dedicated to your ultimate satisfaction.
step one.
Bring us your ideas and any pictures you may have. Together, we will work to arrive at the custom design you imagined. Not exactly sure what you want? Let us help you design the perfect project.
step two.
All of our designs are hand-made, one-of-a-kind creations that we fabricate with a combo of hand and power tools. Your idea comes to life in our shop. Most important of all is that nothing leaves until we scrutinize every detail and feel proud to turn it over to you.
step three.
There are many finishings to choose from. As such, we can help you decide on one that enhances your piece and works best for your space. Whether we use paint, stain, or keep it natural—we make sure that your project looks beautiful. In addition, we’ll make sure it stays that way for years to come by applying a seamless, protective topcoat.
step four.
Whether your project is a unique furniture piece or a built-in, we will deliver and expertly install it for you. Not in our area? Not a problem! We’ve had great success shipping cross country in our sturdy plywood crates. We have even shipped internationally.